Interview with the shipping manager

Machining Department

Yasuya Kasai

Q. Why did you join the company and what was your career after joining?

After graduating from high school, I joined a major shipping company as a new graduate. I worked as a forklift operator in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

After a year, I had to move back to Aomori for reasons at home, so I decided to change careers. I wanted to make the most of my experience as a forklift operator, and my mother had worked as an apple packer at the company for several years, so the president introduced me to the company and I joined.

Since joining the company, I have been in charge of shipping.

Q. What are the difficulties, rewards and interesting aspects of your job?

In my previous job, I was required to carry a large number of items with a forklift in a light and accurate manner.

In my current job, trucks arrive every day to transport products to wholesale markets across the country. My role is to load them accurately according to the order form.

It’s not just about loading, but also about knowing which wholesale market uses which delivery company, Tokyo or Osaka? Depending on the region, we need to know by what time we need to leave here in order to do our job. I am in charge of the entire process of delivery. The delivery person is like the anchor of the relay that passes the purchased, selected, and commercialized products to the delivery company. I make sure that there is no discrepancy between the orders I receive and the cargo I load.

Q. Please tell us about your future goals and what you want to do.

Actually, as a delivery person, I was not good at memorizing and studying, such as knowing the clients. However, I thought that if I didn’t get through this, I wouldn’t be able to move on. In addition to delivery, there are various other roles and positions as a forklift operator, so I would like to work hard to be able to do delivery work well on my own so that I can take the next step.

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