Protecting the Future of Apple Production
Creating the Future of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Apples are the Pride of Aomori Prefecture
We want to leave the Tsugaru Plains with its spreading apple blossoms to the next generation.
We want to pass on the skills and thoughts of our predecessors to the next generation.
We, Marujin Sun Apple,
are committed to fostering capable individuals who will be responsible for the future of Aomori apples and protecting the future of the apple production area.

Our company has been selected as a "Driving Company for the regional future" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Our company was selected as one of the 2023 "300 Small and Medium Enterprises/Small Businesses."

What are Jinpachi apples?

Jinpachi apples are highly regarded in Japan and around the world. The birth of the Jinpachi apples dates back to August 1948, when the founder, Kasai Jinpachi, established an apple trading business. We will introduce the secrets and history behind the deliciousness of Jinpachi apples.

About Marujin Sun Apple

Marujin Sun Apple’s main business is wholesaling apples, taking in apples that have been carefully grown by our farmers, sorting them by color and size into our products, and shipping them. We have introduced a state-of-the-art free tray sorter that uses near-infrared spectroscopy to add value to our products. We have built good relationships with more than 50 suppliers in Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and overseas, including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand, based on the trust we have built over the years through the development of our original products. Our original brand, “Jinpachi Apples,” has received a first-class reputation in Japan and overseas.

Recruitment Information

We want to leave the Aomori Apple, the pride of Aomori Prefecture, to the next generation. We also want to pass on the skills and thoughts of our predecessors to the next generation.

With this strong desire in mind, we are looking for capable individuals who will take charge of the future of Aomori.

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The Aging of Apple Farmers and Lack of Successors

Succession and taking over of farmland

Due to the aging of the population and lack of successors, more and more apple farmers are having to give up their apple trees and cut down their trees. We have set up an agricultural corporation to take over the apple trees and farmland for the future of AOMORI apples, and pass on their passion and flavor to the next generation.

Inheriting the skills and thoughts of our predecessors

From wholesale to production

<Primary Industry> Production Sector

As the number of apple farmers decreases and their production volume declines, the price of apples also rises. We have started producing apples on our own farm so that we can keep the price at a level that people can easily afford when they go shopping and so that as many apple lovers as possible can continue to enjoy them.

Eliminating waste and adding value

Development of processed products and original products

<Secondary Industry> Processing Division

Nearly 20% of the apples produced in Aomori Prefecture are AOMORI apples that have been severely damaged by typhoons. We produce processed apples because we want people to eat them without throwing them away, even though they taste just as good as fresh apples. One of the features of our processed products is that we use as few additives as possible.

I want more people to eat it.

Carrying the thoughts of the producers Delivered to the nation and the world

<Tertiary Industry> Wholesale Division

We strive to deliver AOMORI apples and processed AOMORI apple products that have been carefully nurtured by apple farmers, our production and processing departments, to as many people as possible through our business partners in Japan and overseas, especially in Asia.

Establishing a system to train successors

Establishment of an apple school

<A school to nurture professionals in the sixth industry>

There are many hurdles in becoming a new farmer. We are planning to establish a school with a system that will employ people who are interested in becoming apple farmers, teach production techniques to farmers who cannot find successors, and use rented idle farmland to provide support to those who want to become independent apple farmers in the future, and for those who want to continue working in the production sector as employees. For those who want to continue working in the production sector as employees, we are planning to establish a school with a system that will allow them to work with peace of mind.

Our sister company, Appleland Minamida Onsen, is famous for its apple baths. The sweet and gently fragrant water has an excellent effect on the skin and heals both body and mind.

Machines and humans live together in harmony, playing to each other’s strengths to pack delicious apples.

Machine sorting: Rough size and coloration, sugar content and honey content that cannot be detected visually, and internal discoloration.

Human sorting: Subtle size and color that cannot be determined by machines.