What are Jinpachi apples?

Marujin Sun Apple Co.,

Ltd. is a brand of apples sold under 

strict quality control.

“Please give me a ‘Jinpachi’ apple!”

Many of our customers say this and we are truly grateful that they purchase our company’s apples.

However, “Jinpachi apple” is not the name of a variety of apples.

The “Jinpachi apple” is our pride and joy, a brand of apple that has been carefully quality controlled.

We will introduce how the apples reach the customer, the types of apples that become “Jinpachi apples,” and the sub-brands of “Jinpachi apples.

How "Jinpachi apples" are delivered to customers

The delicious taste of "Jinpachi apples" is the result of the work of professionals.

Purchased from the market by a professional connoisseur

At times, as many as 100,000 boxes of apples are brought into the market from all over Tsugaru, and professionals with a keen eye for quality will bid on them.

Professional apple growers support the farm.

The cultivation supervisor at the Jinpachi Apple Farm is a professional who has been a farmer for many years. Under the supervision of skilled instructors, we are pursuing the production of better-tasting apples.

Hiring professional apple growers to produce apples.

We have signed production contracts with farmers who grow delicious apples every year. Cultivated professional apples that are recognized by our professional connoisseurs become “Jinpachi apples”.

Delivering peace of mind through thorough quality control

After the apples are gathered at our company, they are put through a sorting machine to be meticulously sorted according to size, color, and sugar content. And finally, it is also checked by human eyes.


An introduction to the variety of “Jinpachi” apple

Sun Tsugaru

The Sun Tsugaru is an early-ripening variety of apples. Its flesh is slightly firm and contains a lot of juice, not too sour but with a good balance of sweetness and crunchiness. 

Among the early-ripening varieties, it is the most popular apple in terms of production volume.


If there’s one apple that’s good for cooking and making sweets, it’s the Kougyoku apple! 

It has a strong sour taste and a firm texture. For people who like sour apples, we recommend eating them raw to taste their natural flavor.



The Orin apple’s name means “the king among apples”. It has a uniquely sweet aroma!

It is low in sourness, strong in sweetness, and very popular with children!



This thoroughbred of the apple world was created by crossing the “Orin” and “Fuji” apples. It is very sweet, juicy, and has a low level of sourness.

It is also very popular overseas and is exported to Taiwan and other countries.


Sun Fuji

The Sun Fuji apple is the most domestically produced apple in Japan.

It is a very popular variety that has the right combination of sweetness, acidity, and crunchiness! It’s easy to make dense and perfect for a year-end gift.



Fuji(Yuutai Fuji)

These apples are grown in bags. Although they are less sweet than the sun fuji apple, they are still juicy and have a good balance of sweetness and sourness.

Growing them in a bag also improves storage, so they can be eaten in the spring or summer after the next year’s harvest!


We also offer other varieties. Please feel free to contact us!

The “Jinpachi” apple’s sub-brand “Mitsuka”.


When you cut it, it should be filled with clear and shiny honey.

And the sugar content is high, which is a requirement for “Mitsuka”.

So how do we make apples sweeter?

First, we let our apples bask in the blessings of the sun.
Secondly, we grow them in an environment with extreme temperature differences.
Finally, we wait until the last minute to harvest.

It is said that if you wait until the temperature drops to harvest, you will get more honey. However, in late autumn in Aomori Prefecture, there are days when snows and frosts occur. If an apple freezes, it cannot be used as a product.

It is the craftsman’s skill is to find the perfect moment.

It is a perfect product for home use or as a gift.

The “Jinpachi” apple’s sub-brand “Ayaka”.


“Ayaka” is an apple that grew up in Aomori Prefecture but benefited from the distant Yonaguni Island in Okinawa Prefecture.

In order to produce delicious apples, it is essential to have nutrient-rich soil. For this purpose, chemical fertilizers are generally used.

When growing “Ayaka apples”, natural fossilized coral is mixed into the soil.

It is 100% natural, safe for both people and the environment, and rich in minerals, so the microorganisms in the soil will grow quickly.

We want to provide you with delicious apples for a long time. We hope you will enjoy the “Ayaka” apples that are born from this desire.

The approximate sales season for each variety of "Jinpachi” apple

Sun Tsugaru Sales Period: Late September - early October
Toki Sales Period: Late September to mid-October
Jonagold Sales Period: Late October to early July
Orin Sales Period: Late November to the end of May
Sun Fuji Sales Period: Late November to the end of April
Mitsuka Sales Period: All of December
Ayaka Sales Period: Mid-December to late December
Fuji Sales Period: Mid-May to early July

The sales period is only a rough estimate. The time of year may vary due to weather and other factors.

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