Shipping and refrigerator management Employee interview

Industrial processing department
Section chief

Takashi Mitsuhashi

Q. Why did you join the company and what was your career after joining?

I have been with the company for almost 21 years now. The reason I joined the company was that the partner I was dating at the time worked at Hotel Apple Land, a group company, and introduced me to the company. Previously, I worked at a gas station and an apple shop.

I think the reason I was able to continue working here for so long is because I entered the company with determination. I had the thought that since I had been accepted into the company, I would be able to do what I wanted to do.

My current job is to manage the inventory in the refrigerator. I watch the temperature and depending on the inventory, I carry apples by truck while managing the inventory.

Q. What are the difficulties, rewards and interesting aspects of your job?

I guess the hardest part of the delivery job is prioritizing. I have to bring out apples from storage in the refrigerator according to the day’s selection work, and I have to think about the order of apples to be brought out and bring them out efficiently.

Then, it is necessary to move in an orderly manner from start to finish. The refrigerators to be transported are sometimes far apart from each other, so the daily schedule is made while calculating the time required for the round trip.

Inside the refrigerators, we handle pallets of apple boxes stacked high on top of each other. We try to be careful and efficient so as not to cause accidents. I still get scared when storing them in a very high place, but I think about it and pay attention to it because I am scared. I think that is about right.

Q. Please tell us about your future goals and what you want to do.

Internal study sessions are held often, and I learn about communication methods and harassment at each session. I would like to incorporate what I have learned into practice.

I want to create an environment where both younger and older employees can work comfortably. Now that the company is moving in a better direction, I would like to do what I can do, even if it is just a little. I would like to make things better than they are now, even if it is just a little bit at a time.

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