Thoughts and Vision

Protecting the Future of Apple Production
Creating the Future of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori Apples are the Pride of Aomori Prefecture

We want to leave the Tsugaru Plains with its spreading apple blossoms to the next generation.

We want to pass on the skills and thoughts of our predecessors to the next generation.

We, Marujin Sun Apple, 

are committed to fostering capable individuals who will be responsible for the future of Aomori apples and protecting the future of the apple production area.

The Aging of Apple Farmers and Lack of Successors

Succession and taking over of farmland

More and more apple farmers are having to give up and cut down the apple trees that they have lovingly and painstakingly protected and nurtured over the years because they are too old to farm and have no successors.

When we thought about what we could do to give back to the apple farmers who were heartbroken because they had to cut down the apple trees they had spent so much time and effort growing, we came to the conclusion that we should take over their apple trees and farmland and pass on their thoughts and flavors to the next generation.

nheriting the Skills and Ideas of Our Predecessors

Transitioning from a Wholesale Business to a Manufacturing Business

<Primary Industry> Production

As the number of apple farmers decreases, the number of apples produced will decrease as well. As production declines, the price of buying apples in the form of auctions from local markets will also rise. When the purchase price increases, the price we deliver to you has to be higher.

Therefore, we have started producing apples on our farm to keep the price at a level that people can easily afford during their daily shopping and so that as many apple lovers as possible can continue to enjoy them.

Eliminating Waste and Adding Value

Development of processed products and original products

<Secondary Industry> Processing

Nearly 20% of Aomori Prefecture’s apple production is made up of Aomori apples, which cannot be sold for fresh consumption because of major damage caused by typhoons and other factors. They taste just as good as fresh apples, fully ripe and delicious, so we produce processed products with the hope that these apples can be eaten without being discarded.

One of the features of our processed products is that we use as few additives as possible so that people can experience the original delicious taste of our apples.

We want more people to eat them

Carrying the thoughts of the producers
Delivered to Japan and the World

<Tertiary Industry> Wholesale

We are striving to deliver Aomori apples and processed Aomori Apple products, which have been carefully nurtured by our apple farmers, production and processing departments, to as many people as possible through our business partners in Japan,  and outside Japan, mainly in Asia. We are also not satisfied with the current situation and are constantly striving to expand to new markets in order to deliver the deliciousness and appeal of Aomori apples to as many people as possible.

Creating a system for training successors

Establishing an Apple School

<School for training professionals in the 6th industry>

There are many hurdles to overcome in order to start a new farm, such as owning farmland, learning pruning and other cultivation techniques, and finding a way to make a living for the next five years or more until delicious apples are harvested. Accordingly, we are planning to establish a school that will employ people who are interested in becoming new apple farmers, teach production techniques to farmers who cannot find successors and utilize rented idle farmland, and provide support for those who want to become independent apple farmers in the future, as well as a system that allows those who want to continue working in the production sector as employees to work with peace of mind.

The term “sixth industrialization” is a combination of primary industry, secondary industry, and tertiary industry, and refers to the creation of new added value through the integrated efforts of primary industries, including processing and sales.

To be continued…

What are Jinpachi apples?

Jinpachi apples are highly regarded in Japan and around the world. The birth of the Jinpachi apples dates back to August 1948, when the founder, Kasai Jinpachi, established an apple trading business. We will introduce the secrets and history behind the deliciousness of Jinpachi apples.

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