Sales Employee Interview

Sales Department

Junpei Murakami

Q. Why did you join the company and what was your career path after joining?

I joined a recycling company as a new graduate and was assigned to a sales office in Saitama Prefecture, where I gained sales experience in the Tohoku area. When I got married to the woman I had been dating before I joined the company, I thought about changing to a company near Hirosaki and met our company.
In order to understand sales, I thought it was necessary to understand how apples, which I handle as a salesperson, are commercialized in the field and the flow of the company as a whole, so I spent my days actively entering the field and studying. In the process, I have been focusing on things that only I, who joined the company from the outside, can notice, such as proposals to improve operational efficiency, and I am also working on creating a comfortable working environment for everyone at the site.
I am also taking on the challenge of playing a public relations role, such as revamping the company website in discussion with the president and the production company, launching an e-commerce site, and creating a company SNS.

Q. What are the difficulties, rewards and interesting aspects of your job?

I don’t have a job that the company tells me to do. For example, if there is a predecessor and I am to take over his work, I may just do it, but that is not the case. I find it both challenging and rewarding to think about what the company needs from me at the moment and to create my own work.

Q. What are your future goals and what do you want to do?

It would be fun if I could match what I want to do with what the company wants and produce results. For example, in order to streamline the work of creating tables, which I used to do manually on paper, I sometimes create tables by setting up macros if necessary. In my previous job, I used to ask someone who could do it to do it for me, but now I have to do it myself! But now I have to do my own research and do it myself!
There are many things that people who have been working at this company for a long time take for granted, but as a newcomer to this company, I think I can do it more efficiently! There are many things that I think could be done more efficiently. I’d like to propose a different way of doing things and make people think, “This way is better! I work every day to make people think, “This is better!
I would like to continue to do more work like that so that people will think, “I’m glad Murakami is here.

General Affairs & Accounting Dept. and Sales Dept.
Director and General Manager

Yuka Kasai

Q. What made you decide to join the company and what kind of career have you had since joining?

After graduating from junior college, I worked as a clerk at the central wholesale market in Osaka from the age of 19. At that time, I joined the company as a classmate of the president, who had come to the same company for training, and we met. We got married and moved to Aomori when I was 22. As soon as I arrived in Aomori, I joined this company.

Q. How difficult, challenging, or interesting is your job?

I am concurrently in charge of sales, accounting, clerical work, and general affairs in general. For several years after I joined the company, I managed the numerical aspects of the company as an accountant and general manager. In the beginning, the president (the current chairman) was in charge of sales, but gradually I and several other people began to take charge of customers. Currently, I am in charge of domestic customers such as Daikan Osaka Grocery in Osaka Prefecture and Gifu Chuo Grocery in Gifu Prefecture.

In the beginning, I felt some difficulties, but after I was able to build a relationship of trust with customers, I realized how interesting sales is.

However, once I was able to build trusting relationships with customers, I began to realize how interesting sales can be.

Sales is all about the relationship of trust with the person in charge. We meet only about once a year and basically talk on the phone. There are some people that I talk to every day on the phone, but I find it interesting when I can feel that we are building a relationship of trust as people, beyond the relationship between sales and customers.

Q. What are your future goals and what do you want to do?

I can’t imagine what the company will be like in the next 10 to 15 years, but I don’t think it will be like that. I wonder if there will be children who are currently in college or high school working in this company by then. With the president and all the employees, I would like to face the present with sincerity and protect this company.

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