Our Work



The purchasing period is from September to December. There are two main ways of purchasing.

[1] Contract growers

We buy from growers who directly supply apples to us.

Many of these growers have been with us for many years, and we cooperate with them in the joint development of our original products, such as “Jinpachi Apple Ayaka,” which is grown by adding natural fossil coral from Yonaguni Island in Okinawa Prefecture to the soil, as well as sharing information on apple growth and pests. We are also working together to protect the quality and yield of AOMORI apples.

[2] Local markets

We participate in auctions at the Hirosaki Fruit and Vegetable Market and the Tsugaru Apple Market. We decide in advance the variety, grade, and quality of apples we want to purchase, and the farmers bid for the apples they have shipped to the local markets.


Delivery and refrigerator management

Purchased apples are stored in regular refrigerators or CA refrigerators specially designed for apples. The apples are systematically refrigerated and managed from fall to the beginning of the following summer.


Fruit selection

Apples are selected and commercialized based on our own selection standards, using both sorting machines and human eyes and hands.



We conduct sales and marketing to domestic and overseas wholesale markets. We exchange information and make proposals on the phone daily with the marketers in each region.


Shipping operations

Large trucks from all over Japan visit our company every day to transport apples to markets nationwide and overseas. It is the job of the shipping staff to load the commercialized apples onto the trucks according to the order form.

General Affairs and Accounting

We are responsible for a wide range of work, from clerical work related to purchasing and shipping, accounts receivable confirmation, cashier entry, invoice management, payroll calculation for employees and part-time staff, and planning company trips.

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