A New Product

World-class "Aomori Apples" are carefully pressed by an apple professional in a unique blend.

When you need refreshment

A blend of red apples with a high acidity
(87.5% Kogyoku and Jonagold) and
sweetness and richness (12.5% Sun Fuji).
The 100% straight juice with a refreshing taste,
perfect for the beginning of the day.

Main varieties blended
・Kogyoku ・Jonagold
・Mutsu ・Sun Fuji
・ Shinano Sweet

When you need to relax

You might have an image of strong acidity in yellow apples,
but in fact there are many sweet and juicy varieties.
The 100% straight juice has a relaxing taste,
blended with a unique balance of varieties with
different sweetness qualities to express the deep sweetness
that makes you feel relieved after a hard day’s work.

Main varieties blended
・Toki ・Ohrin
・Hoshi no Kinka
・Gumma Meigetsu

*The varieties used and the ratio of varietal blends are changed depending on the time of year, so the taste is slightly different each time it is pressed.

Jimpachi Apple Juice's Commitment

The ingredient is apple only

We use ripe apples from Aomori Prefecture that are too flawed or misshapen to be sold for fresh eating. No antioxidants or flavoring agents are added so that you can enjoy the taste and aroma of the apples as if you were eating them straight from the tree. Further, we use a straight pressing method to preserve the flavor of the ingredients.

Small-lot production

Jimpachi apple juice can not be mass-produced. We carefully squeeze each apple to the last drop of its deliciousness, and we commit to small-lot production to control the quality of the juice.

The difference between the "concentrated reduced juice" and "straight"

“Concentrated reduction,” which we often hear about, is a method in which fruit juice is concentrated (water is removed), stored, and then diluted with water to its original concentration when it is commercialized. This method is widely used around the world, including for imports and exports, because it reduces weight and volume for the sake of transportation and storage. In contrast, “straight” is the squeezed apple juice itself. Nothing is added, so you can feel the flavor of the apple as it is.

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