Ask the President!
Human Resources Training and Organization Building

President and chief executive officer

Kasai Mitsuhiro

〈Challenge〉To try first. Without challenge, there is no failure and no growth.

The most important thing is to challenge yourself. I believe that this is important not only for work, but also for each individual’s life. It is okay to fail. If you try and realize something, that’s already growth, isn’t it? There are many things that I would like to challenge myself with.

〈Autonomy and Independence〉The first step to self-discipline is to become independent, able to think and act for oneself.

I often hear organization building compared to sports, and since I was involved in it myself when I was a student, what I would like to achieve is an organization like a rugby team.

Unlike baseball or soccer, during a rugby game, the coach leaves the field and watches the game from the spectator seats.

Of course, he will be there for the players in practice, helping them grow by improving their week points and strengthening their strengths. But in the real game, the players have to think and make decisions on their own, which is rugby.

In order to do so, each member needs to be able to be “autonomous” as a prerequisite. And on top of that, we believe that there is “independence” in being able to think, judge, and act on one’s own.

Each of these independent members will improve and grow in their respective positions. This will have a positive impact on the people around them, arouse their sympathy, and help other members grow together…

The accumulation of these efforts will lead to stronger teamwork. This is my ideal organization.

〈Dream〉I want to help people realize their dreams.

I believe that every member who is independent and continues to take on challenges must have a dream that they want to achieve. I would like to help them realize their dreams.

A company where each and every one of us can become independent in pursuit of our dreams. The growth of each individual will be the growth of the organization and the company, and will become the strength of the community. We envision such a future.

We are grateful for the feedback we receive from local residents and apple farmers who say, “We are glad you are here. We are needed and appreciated by the community, and we will continue to give back our appreciation to the community. We would like to continue to create that kind of future, and we would like to create that future together with people who can relate to us and want to grow with us.

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